Ryan Froude – Physical Therapy FAQ Videos for Advanced Physical Therapy and Wound Center

Video Production




For the project, I set out to create a series of informational videos for the local physical therapy clinic. The goal was to help people understand what physical therapy is and what it could do for them. I would do this while also following the client’s instructions because they hoped to use these videos on their website.


            The client requested four specific videos: an introduction of her main staff, and three other videos explaining physical therapy, wound care, and spinal rehabilitation. I shot and recorded at the clinic for about a week for the footage and edited it from home. Utilizing what I have been taught as a video production major, I created the videos to be interview-style, as it was a simple and effective way to fulfill my goals with the project.


            Originally, the client and I had planned for another video on the topic of pelvic rehabilitation, but it proved difficult to complete as I had caught COVID-19 during shooting week. The specialist that the client had intended answer my questions lives all the way out in Driggs, so she only comes into the clinic once a month, and that day fell into while I was in quarantine.


Despite the setback, I was able to pull through with what I had and am happy to deliver it to the client.

Staff Intro

Spinal Rehab

What is PT?

Wound Care