Hunter Dunn – Evo Marketing Campaign

Digital and Social Media




EVO Automation is a fairly new company which specializes in both home and business security. They are a company established in Rexburg, Idaho and have been in business for the past 5 years.  They are an up and coming leader in the security and automation industry and are looking to improve their marketing strategies and increase their target marketing techniques to reach more customers.

            My senior project was to help develop and create a more conclusive and comprehensive marketing plan for EVO Automation. I chose to work with this particular company because after learning the skills, strategies, and various other techniques to help build up and better promote businesses through taking this course; I realized I could be of great benefit to this company and help them to reach their goals. This course has given me the knowledge and skills needed to research, develop, create, and present some new marketing ideas and concepts that will help EVO reach some of their goals and dreams of becoming one of the most well-known and used dealers of security and home automation.

            I began my project by meeting with one of the owners of EVO and discussing the company’s plans and goals for the future. Next, I researched the company, it’s services and products, their current marketing strategies and their competition.  After much research I spent time developing new marketing and campaign strategies and then designed a project outline to present to the company for their opinions, ideas, and hopeful acceptance.

            After researching, designing, and developing the campaign outline, I met with one of the company’s owners once again to present the final product. The owner was very pleased with my work and is planning on implementing some of my ideas, especially through social media. This senior project has given me a greater understanding and knowledge in the work and process of what goes into marketing and some of the possible projects I may perform in the future.