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For my senior project, I decided to start my own sugar cookie business. I chose this project to push my limits and strengthen my skills that I have learned so far in the past four years as a communications major. I am emphasizing in advertising and wanted to showcase my skills and do something that I love, which is baking. First, I made a plan for myself and the steps I needed to take to fulfill my fifty hours. The next step was to design and create a logo for my cookie company. I started with four different drafts and asked for opinions and feedback from individuals on social media. Once I finalized my logo, I was able to make and edit my business cards. The next step was to make an Instagram account and start posting cookies to showcase my abilities. After posting different cookies, I slowly received orders from individuals in Rexburg. Making a dozen cookies generally takes me about six to eight hours a batch with drying time and details. I decided to post new cookies for each holiday, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. My senior project has been a great learning experience for me as I have been able to incorporate the skills that I have learned throughout my four years at BYU-Idaho.








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