Shannon Clendenning – BYU-Idaho Wellness Center Social Media Guidebook

Public Relations




For my senior project I created a social media guidebook for the BYU-Idaho Wellness Center. Over the last eight months I have managed the Wellness Center’s social channels, primarily Instagram as well as assisting with other promotional items. When I took over their social media and promotions position back in April, they had been inconsistent in their content as individuals took over the same position every few months and each individual had a very different approach. However, what I noticed is that this department and their social media would perform best when the content was consistent. As I am graduating this semester and they will be hiring a new person to take my place, I wanted to make sure that happened. I created this guidebook for the students in this position in semesters to come to have a clear view of how social media is supposed to look and be run. Essentially giving them the information they need to remain consistent and what I felt would have been useful to have when I took over this position. This guidebook contains tips and information on a variety of categories, such as BYU-Idaho social media guidelines, Wellness Center guidelines and goals, graphic design tips, social media posting tips and tricks, caption writing and more. The goal for this book is to help new hires better understand the role and its purpose as well as give them the tools and information they need to keep the content consistent.

I’ve spent my time creating this guidebook doing a variety of tasks. Primarily I’ve written out information for the different categories, created detailed guides for certain aspects of the position, as well as communicated with my supervisors at the Wellness Center to ensure I was providing them with the most up-to-date and useful information. I also paid close attention as I was working in this position throughout the semester to recognize and formulate answers for the questions I had or felt others in my position might have about how to approach an array of responsibilities. I also spent time designing the book and formulating it in a clear, easy to read, and aesthetically pleasing manner to ensure it was used for many semesters to come.



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