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Public Relations





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          For my senior project I will be working with one of my friends, and fellow classmate Riley Seymour. We are both PR majors and have similar interests. We have worked together on projects before and already know how to work together and take advantage of each other skills and assets.

         Together we are developing a PR campaign for a local artist and student. For this project we will create an effective PR plan and strategy in which we will identify some of his strengths and weaknesses, and make suggestions on what we see most fit to increase his following and social media presence. The overall goal of this project is to establish more of a presence on social media, set up a website or some form of an online store where he can sell his art, and create promos and social media posts to tell the artists story and engage with his followers. Our main goal is to actually turn some kind of profit in doing so, and selling his pieces. By actually making commission, it will prove that our campaign was successful and helped start his career as an artist. While we aren’t sure on exact numbers yet we hope that with a proper plan for social media and his website will be enough to get him on his feet and moving in the right direction.