Adele Hawkins – In The Kitchen With Grandma O

Digital and Social Media




During the summer, I went home for a few days and found three recipe boxes that sparked my creativity. As I started to look through these boxes, I saw beautifully handwritten recipes along with others that were typewritten and cut out from newspapers. I asked my mom where these recipes came from and that’s when I learned they were my great grandmother’s.


For my senior project, I decided to put my creative skills to the test. With the recipes from the boxes, I created an entire cookbook as a tribute to my great grandmother.


While I created this book to have more of a modern feel, I made sure to keep some elements from my great grandmother. For example, since I wanted to make sure her handwriting was apart of this book, each title page has the original recipe cards as part of the layouts. I also created a font to mimic her handwriting, however, I created it to be modern and more legible to read.


While this cookbook is a tribute to my great grandmother, it is also something that I will be able to present to future employers. In this book, you will see my design, photography, styling, cooking, and other creative skills.