Kylee Haueter – Kys Eyes Makeover

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Kys Eyes Makeover

Kys Eyes was ready for an overdo makeover that I wanted to take the time and effort to do. Throughout the project, I had a lot of trial and errors that had to be resolved before the final product. I tried many different things to try and figure out what fit best for the audience and the overall demographic and theme for the business page. One of my main focuses was to increase the engagement rate and then inevitably, to increase the clientele. 



Before the makeover, Kys Eyes was dull, boring, and no consistency. It was everything a business page should not be. I wanted to create a page where people would go for inspiration, for tips, for a purpose. In order for that to happen, I needed to change the whole their instagram and start from scratch. The pictures below are examples of what instagram looked like before and their engagement rate. 





Business cards.png