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Darling Desserts is a book that has 25 recipes, and that are all homemade. I came up with enough desserts that it would be worth someone’s time if they wanted some easy recipes, or just were in the mood to bake something yummy. Most of the recipes I have incorporated are from family and friends. I did all of my baking over the weekend when I had the time to run to the store, gather all of my ingredients and bake for several hours.

I’ll be honest though, there were times when I wanted to throw my Kitchen Aid against the oven and smash everything to pieces. I had several anxiety attacks, and wanted to quit a lot of the time. My husband had to constantly remind me that this project was not about my baking, but about my photography, photoshop skills and just making the recipe book. Without his support, I definitely would not have been able to complete it. Even though I only had 25 recipes, in reality I baked over 35. I had to re-make around 10 recipes to re-do the photography. My wonderful mother-in-law even traveled four hours to come up to Rexburg to help me with the 10 recipes. It took over a month and half and 75 hours to complete. I broke everything down into a pie chart below, so it’s easy to see where I put my hours.

I grew up coming home to something always smelling wonderful and delicious. I wanted to give others that same sense by making a book with my favorite desserts that my mother made and some new ones from my mother-in-law.

We all want that comfort from home, so that’s why I created the tagline: Just Like Home. Darling Desserts.

The pictures below are to give a better view of the Peanut Butter Cookies that I talked about in the video description.













Hours worked:



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