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Speak Your Mind is an online informational guide that educates its audience on publicly speaking professionally, efficiently and effectively in today’s world. Speak Your Mind was an individual project that was established on several different social media platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube and WordPress. Its mission is, “to establish and create a community of free thinkers and free speakers for simple, positive speeches.”


Restraint towards asking my audience about topics was exercised to withhold sensitive and offensive material. Restraint was also shown in the acceptance of outside sent-in videos to maintain a level of appropriate, controlled material.  Due to the COVID pandemic, Speak Your Mind primarily focused on being remote due to complying with CDC guidelines and restrictions and was not affected by said restrictions.


Supplemental Material

Each week, two topics were introduced and shared. Using Canva, several posts on Instagram were created and shared providing tips and tricks. The day after, a blog post was released on WordPress supplying greater details and information on the topic, as well as a YouTube video to demonstrate. This was designed to provide consistent, easy-to-follow material for the audience, while educating and demonstrating how to professionally speak.



The equipment that was used to film each video was a small two bulbed lamp, an open window, a spacious room, a tripod and a phone. Wondershare was used to edit the videos and provide the music and appropriate volume to each YouTube video.



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Weekly Hours


Ryan Kwiatkowski


Week 1: 5.5 hours

Week 2: 3.5 hours

Week 3: 7 hours

Week 4: 7.5 hours

Week 5: 7.5 hours

Week 6: 9 hours

Week 7: 6 hours

Week 8: 7 hours

Week 9: 10.5 hours


= 63.5 total hours