Amanda Johnson – “Learn Something New”

Strategical Organization




I have decided to create a podcast where people come for 5 to 10 minutes and talk about something important to them. This podcast is going to be “Learn something New”. My whole point of doing this type of podcast is because I want people to hear other people’s point of view and be able to listen without feeling attacked. I feel that a there is so much hatred and differences in this world that having people explain the WHY to their passions, beliefs, hobbies, and anything else, would help people see them more as people not as an “enemy”.


 I would have my guest speakers come and visit me on a recording line  and take 5 to 10 minutes to talk about something that they feel others could take something away from. It could be your love of dogs, why you want to foster kids in the future, the importance of the stock market to you (personal stories), or how to be a good person. It could be anything you can think of and would love to talk about



⁃                  Guest Speakers have the option to be anonymous

⁃                  No hateful speech of any kind. If there are even slight hints to “attack” I will unfortunately delete the entire thing.

⁃                  No cursing

⁃                  And make sure to have a “moral of the story”