Austin Miller – Unfurled: The Story of Our Flags

Video Production



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This project was a multi part series podcast that I produced, wrote, recorded, and edited. It consisted of 6 episodes that each looked at a different facet of flag design, flag use, and, impact on society by flags. Such topics included the history of flags; the influence of political flags; the use of flags today; and even, how flags might be used in the future.


            These episodes have been published on most every major podcast app, including: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Viewership of the podcast has recently surpassed over 100 individual downloads. This show has reached over 12 states, and has also been downloaded in Canada, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Russia, and even Peru (which I found a bit surprising).


            I spent over 65 hours working on this podcast with about 60% of that time used in preparation, research, and script writing. The rest of the time was spent recording, editing and publishing.


            I had initially planned to release one episode a week for six weeks, but with a moderate case of Covid-19, I had to postpone the last three episodes for a little bit. I was worried I would not have those episodes up in time, but thankfully I had done enough planning while sick that I was able to produce the remaining three episodes in good time.


            This project has been both a fun return to my roots in communication (I took a radio class my freshman year of high school) as well as a challenging capstone to my work here at BYU-Idaho.