Hannah McMurtrey – Eagle Rock Dance Campaign Book

Public Relations



Hannah McMurtrey Headshot.JPG

I created a campaign book for Eagle Rock Dance in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I met with the director of the dance studio and she expressed a few concerns, hoping I would be able to find some possible solutions. She told me they offer extra classes at the studio that are not their regular competition team dance classes. Those classes include cheerleading, preschool, and the boys only hip-hop classes. The director told me that they need more students enrolled in those classes. I decided to focus on the cheerleading class because that is where they need the most students enrolled in.

My first step was to make sure people know that the class is offered. I hired someone to go to the cheerleading classes and take videos to create a short promo video. Eagle Rock Dance can share this video on their Instagram in a post. This video will give parents an inside look of what they would be signing their child up for.

After that video is posted, there will a second Instagram post showcasing the cheer instructor. I have interviewed the coach and put together the content for that post. Parents will be able to see the experience the coach has and will feel more comfortable signing up their kids to work with her.

Lastly, ERD will promote a ‘Bring a Friend Day’ for the cheerleading classes. Children will feel more comfortable having a free trial of the class with a friend. ERD will give out an Eagle Rock Dance sticker to all the students who came that day. Children get excited about receiving prizes and the sticker is a free promotion of the studio. I have already created an example of the sticker to show.

By following this plan, Eagle Rock Dance will be able to fill up the cheerleading classes. After seeing the results, they can implement this same plan (with a few modifications) to their other classes as well.