Olivia Hinton – Love Olive Co Shirt Designs





For my senior project I designed shirts for Love Olive Co in Rexburg, ID. I chose this for my project because I knew it would be challenging for me as I continue to learn graphic design.


I met with the owner of Love Olive Co, Stephanie Tarnasky, on a weekly basis to discuss the design ideas that she would like to use for her company. The designs were meant for the Spring 2021 collection. Once a week I spoke with Stephanie to discuss the designs and make necessary changes.


Throughout this process I’ve been able to express my opinions and ideas for designs. The process took between 3 and 10 hours per design, depending on the complexity and type of edit suggestions made by Stephanie.


The design process also included specific designs that required me to use tools that I was not familiar with. This took me time to research and learn.


My time working on this project has mostly been spent creating designs but also spending time with Stephanie, the owner, to discuss and make changes.


A necessary step to completing my shirt designs was getting sample shirts made. Once I had the physical shirts, a friend modeled them for me while I took pictures. Being able to see the shirts in person, that I had designed, made me very proud of the end product.


Below is a gallery of the designs I made while working alongside Stephanie. I was able to create seven designs for the Love Olive Co collection. All designs were critiqued and approved by Stephanie.


Here are the shirt samples being modeled, these pictures were taken and edited by me.







Style Guide

 In order for designs to be on brand I was able to refer to their style guide, the style guide consisted of the company’s colors and style font.