Reed Holland – Data Driven Video Content for the Idaho Falls Mission




Reed Holland Photo.jpg

My senior project focused on conducting market research and creating four short videos for the Idaho Falls Mission. I worked with President Matt Hurley (President of the Idaho Falls Mission) to identify goals he had for the mission and discuss a campaign that would help him reach his goals. He felt that I should focus my campaign on helping current investigators overcome challenges so they can be baptized. We determined that the way we would do this was by creating several videos backed by market research. With clear objectives in mind, the next step was to conduct market research. My method for conducting market research was to obtain quantitative data by running a survey to all the missionaries and collect qualitative data by attending lessons with the missionaries. In collaboration with the mission presidents assistants, we developed a 15 question survey. Some of the valuable data that we took from this survey was minors are the biggest demographic being taught and they face the challenge of a guardian not allowing them to be baptized. We also found the second challenge preventing individuals from being baptized is word of wisdom commitments. This data led to the creation of four separate videos. I made a series of 3 videos that addressed parents’ concerns about allowing their child to be baptized. The last video addresses how people can overcome word of wisdom challenges. The Idaho Falls missionaries will encourage members to share these videos on social media so they reach the people that need to see them.