Alex Whitney – Social Media Makeover

Digital and Social Media




Over the summer I did my internship at a Digital Marketing Agency in Arizona called Swello Marketing. I had a great experience working with clients and their social media and was able to learn a lot about how to use effective content, captions, and graphics to increase engagement and brand awareness on social media platforms. I am now working there remotely and will work their full time after I graduate this semester.

For my Senior Project, I have decided to take on a new client, Denise Bell Skin Care, and give her social media pages a “makeover”. I will do this by first meeting with her to get an idea of what she is looking for. This includes what type of pictures  and graphics she wants me posting, what tone she wants me to express in the captions, what color theme and style she wants me to portray on her pages, etc. After meeting with her I will do research on her brand and what she is currently doing on her social media platforms so that I can gain a better understanding of her company to accurately share it, as well as to see how I can improve. Moving forward, I will begin gathering pictures from her, as well as from our photographer at Swello once she completes the photoshoots. I will also be using stock photos and will be creating graphics in Canva and will be using all of these pieces of content for Instagram and Facebook posts.

I will be using to schedule posts weeks in advance and will be sending the posts over for approval each week before I post them. I will be keeping track of the posts and will also be keeping track of her new followers, Instagram reach, engagement, and other metrics to see how her brand has improved on social media! I will also meet with her often to discuss how things are going and to see where she would like changes. I am looking forward to helping my client increase brand awareness through updated social media platforms that will ultimately increase her sales and conversions!


New Feed and Old Feed



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Updated Dashboard



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