Carlie Webster – La Guera Vaquera: Hispanic Cultural Awareness Campaign

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For my project, I wrote and carried out a public relations campaign for Hispanic cultural awareness. I truly believe that the number one reason we judge others is because we don’t have enough knowledge about them.

The main objectives of the plan include the following:


1.     Provide information to the general public to create awareness about the Hispanic culture.

2.     Help people learn Spanish in a fun and new way.

3.     Detract from negative world opinions and foster positivity.

4.     Showcase my skills by creating a public relations plan that will draw people to the cause.

It will include the following parts:

–        A public relations campaign plan

–        A website with content including a blog covering various topics

–        An Instagram page with content about various topics

–        A content style guide

Frederick Buechner said, “Your life’s calling is that place where your greatest joys and the needs of the world intersect.”

One of the main reasons I want to complete this project is because I feel strongly about the importance of learning about other cultures. Doing so allows you to be more aware of your surroundings and, in turn, help others with things they may be struggling with.

I truly feel that my life’s calling is to do everything possible to help other people feel loved. I hope this page will offer a small glimpse of optimism and hope in this ever-changing world.



Public Relations Campaign



– Videography for project description video: Eliza Stone at Lizard Productions

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