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For my project I wanted to do that showed my ability to plan strategically for a cause or purpose. My cause was that I wanted to do something that built our Sports Society and gave back to BYU-Idaho. I thought an on campus Career Fair would be able to complete this goal. It gets companies and students face to face, while building the BYU-Idaho brand.

Due to covid-19 companies couldn’t physically be on our campus. Another challenge is that short seasons caused a loss in teams revenue has caused hiring to halt.

In response to all of this we (myself with my COMM 499 advisor and BYU-Idaho’s Career Center) created a virtual networking conference. Students would now be able to meet with organizations from all over the country, they also would learn more about how to prepare for the time when hiring starts up again.

Once this had been decided I networked, cold called, and visited with professionals in the industry to lock in 34 different organizations to participate. They registered for 48 different meetings and interviews. The conference would also take place over 3 days, November 3rd-5th.

As companies locked in times for the event it would be put on Handshake, BYU-Idaho’s event registration platform. Students could then RSVP for different events and receive the zoom links to attend.

Our goal was to have 300+ in attendance for all the various meetings, we finished with 352. Many students got connected to mentors and companies, some have even had interviews for future internships. The event was amazing, and enhanced the school’s ability to help students break into the sports industry.

From this I hope I’ve shown my ability to strategically plan. I had a goal to help students and give back to BYU-Idaho.



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