Emma Stitzer – Atkin Arrangements Branding

Public Relations



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Project Summary:

For my senior project I helped Cassidy Atkin, of Atkin Arrangements, rebrand her business and create supplemental materials. Cassidy has a good customer base established in this area and wanted to expand to find new clients. I was able to help her by establish four main ways on how she can improve her business.

1.     Style Guide:

Cassidy wanted her brand to come across as romantic, but simple. I was able to create a

branding guide for her to follow for her social media pages, promotional materials, and website. I created a four-page document that outlines her brand’s voice statement, audience, logos, brand colors, typography and photography. This is a document Cassidy can refer to in order to make sure her website, social media, and supplemental materials appear well-designed and cohesive.

2.     Supplemental Materials:

I was also able to create supplemental materials and revamp ones Cassidy had already created. I started with her brochure. This is a big way she gets information out about her business. I changed the design to match the style guide I created. I also re-wrote the copy to make sure it was well-written and followed AP style to ensure it was professional and reflected her business well. Business cards and two posters were also created following the style guide to create a cohesive branding between all her promotional materials. I want people to be able to recognize her brand when they see a poster or come across her brochure at different businesses.

3.     Social Media:

I created eight premade social media graphics that can be posted on Atkin Arrangements’ social media and wrote sixteen post captions. These captions are for Cassidy to use in the future with photographs of her floral arrangements. Two simple social media ads were run to show Cassidy the importance of paid advertising and how it can benefit the reach of her business.

4.     Writing:

Cassidy is interested in writing a blog on her website, so I was able to write five starter blog posts and one Q&A article to help her kick if off. She will be able to use these blogs as an example of what she should be writing in the future.