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Viewing pornography is contrary to the light of Christ that is in each of us (John 1:9). And yet, we live in a world that seeks to hide, and even normalize, the harmful effects of pornography on individuals, relationships and families. The irony of this situation is that pornography addictions only thrive and deepen in secrets and darkness. Therefore, the purpose of my project is to bring more light to the topic of pornography. Specifically, I aim to educate, uplift, and connect women who have been affected by pornography, whether that has been through a personal addiction or the addiction of a loved one. In order to do this, I asked Laura Erekson (a former BYU-Idaho student), to write a book with me. We worked hard this semester to select an appropriate name for the book (Unite with Light: God’s Daughters and Pornography) and to outline our mission statement, goals and objectives.

Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, I plan to use fictional characters in the book. However, I want the lessons and experiences included to be genuine. Therefore, for this project, I also focused on finding and interviewing women who were willing to share their personal experiences with pornography. I compiled these stories on a website I created this semester that will also serve as a resource for women affected by pornography in any way. As these women read these personal experiences, they will discover that they are not alone, and find additional related resources.

Visit the website here:

In conclusion, I have been inspired by the women I interviewed this semester. I have also learned a great deal about addiction through their experiences. I look forward to using these faith-filled stories to ultimately write a book that will strengthen women as they Unite with Light.

These are the hours I spent on my senior project beginning September 15 to November 18, 2020:

Writing: 14.15 hours

Meetings (with my partner Laura, my mentor, etc.): 7.34 hours

Interviews: 5.95 hours

Research: 5.35 hours

Website Design and Creation: 4.59 hours

Additional Design (logo, etc.): 3.4 hours

Other (including class assignments, video production, etc.): 9.45 hours

Total: 50.23 hours

I will spend an additional 6+ hours writing and editing the blog posts in preparation for the official launch of the Senior Showcase website on November 24, 2020.