Gabrielle Wright – bump&bruises

bump&bruises; a unique look inside a life after domestic violence & the healing journey; a place to learn from women warriors among us fighting the battles of life.

Comm and Advocacy




bump&bruises started out as an Instagram account made to spread awareness and my personal experience on domestic violence. This account was made to be a place of vulnerable posts that draw lessons from the past, and apply them towards healing from trauma in an effort to bring people together that all have unique life experiences. Throughout the process of developing this page, I realized as other women came to me sharing their experiences with hard trials of  life, that I wanted a space for women to connect through these hardships. A place where growth and learning takes place as we cheer each other on.

Over the course of this project I gained a purely organic following (no fake followers), as well as finding other accounts to team up with in hopes of growing the audience to reach more people to inform and educate on this important issue. The steps I took are as follows:

–                  Plan account name, purpose and motto

–                  Create instagram account

–                  Write blog posts

–                  Write Instagram posts and stories

–                  Edit writing

–                  Research and apply learnings about Social Media Marketing

–                  Run promotions on high trafficked posts

–                  Engage with followers

–                  Engage with fellow DV accounts

–                  Survey followers about current hardships

–                  Plan interviews to highlight Warriors among us

–                  Interviews and Photoshoots of the Warriors

–                  Analyze & Report insights each week

Overall, this project is about growth. I look at the person I was last year when I left my abusive marriage, pregnant and afraid. Now, as a strong single momma, I am able to talk about the experiences I had and the lessons I learned, that have now made me who I am today. I want to continue to build this platform for women like me that needed a community to open up to. One that educates on something that isn’t talked about nearly as much as it occurs. As well as talking about other hardships that so often we feel alone and ashamed to talk about. While the growth for this project has indeed grown in popularity and followers, the real growth that can’t be measured will be among the hearts that these words touch, and the courage that passes on through each message. The growth may have been solely for me, the creator and I perfectly fine with that.

I hope you enjoy my forever project.