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Project Summary

My friend is a creative and talented artist who wanted to start a business painting on and selling thrifted denim jackets, jeans, skirts, etc. My project was focused on helping her with the development of the brand, social platform, and social media marketing strategy. During the course of this semester, I developed her brand identity, created the social platform and content, researched and curated a strategy for the social platform, and managed all engagement and client relations.

Brand Identity Development

I created a name, logo, and style guide for her brand.

Social Platform

I focused on Instagram and created her business profile, along with all the content and posted it to the profile.

Social Media Marketing

I researched and developed a social strategy that outlines the following:

-primary and secondary audiences

-accounts to engage with (follow, tag, like, comment, share, etc.)

-what days and times to post content and Instagram stories, organized in a content calendar

-hashtags to use

-geolocations to use

-local influencers and business to collaborate and align with

In addition to creating the strategy, I also analyzed the effectiveness of the strategy weekly by recording the insights that Instagram provides for business profiles in order to improve and promote success. I focused on follower count, reach, content interactions, and sales.

Social Media Engagement

In my market strategy, I planned who to engage with on Instagram, meaning what accounts to follow, who to tag, along with commenting, liking, and sharing content from other Instagram accounts. I worked on engagement every day for an hour to ensure that the Instagram algorithm favored my content.

For a more in depth look at the process, content, and outcome of my senior project, please refer to the Social Media Strategy, Style Guide, and Case Study that I have included on this page.




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Case Study


Social Media Marketing Strategy

Style Guide