Andi Rummler – Calendar Design

Visual Communication



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For my project, I set out to create a calendar that I could use to kickstart my design shop once I graduate. I love shopping around the end of each year for a new wall calendar and deciding to create one was exciting! I always want to create things for my shop that I love and will be passionate about.

I carefully thought out how I wanted to feature each month of the calendar as well as the overall theme. I came up with many ideas and had a hard time choosing! knew I wanted the calendar to stick to a central idea and decided to feature the holidays of each month. Because of this, I named it the celebration calendar!

After the creation of the calendar I spent time taking photographs of it to post on my social media. I did this with the intention to sell them. I printed five calendars and so far, I have sold six! Four of which were through my creative Instagram account.

I have learned so much throughout this project, about myself and about design! I have grown a lot and have definitely finished this project with a much better understanding of design and my own process. I spent a total of 61 hours on this project and I am so excited to continue creating content like this in the future!



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