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The Seams Make Dreams Project is a public relations campaign for Mariah’s Bridal Company. The goal of this campaign is to increase public awareness and audience outreach by developing new content, establishing brand awareness, and collaborating with community members.

Work Summary

 I have focused a great deal of this campaign on developing professional content for the company’s image so that they can establish credibility and improve brand awareness. This process has involved organizing several photoshoot events, contacting models, booking venues, and photographing several of the company’s product. Just over the course of three months we have already seen an increase in audience interaction and audience outreach.

Not only has this project benefitted the company’s public image, but it has also increased relationships and community awareness. By collaborating with local business owners, Mariah’s Bridal has been able to expand its network and coordinate a series of events for the future. These events have required several tasks such as, creating flyers, surveying clients, and reaching out to local businesses owners for event collaborations. Overall, this project has required me set goals for the company and utilize elements of research, design, and content creation to improve the company’s audience outreach and public awareness.

Project Goals

The goal of this campaign is to help market Mariah’s Bridal to the public to increase audience outreach and public awareness. I plan to reach this goal by focusing on creating a strong professional public image for the company and improving the businesses relationship with the Rexburg Community and its audience members. This will be accomplished by hosting events, creating new content for their social media platforms, collaborating with local businesses, and creating opportunities for audience outreach.

·       Increase audience outreach by creating compelling content for social media sites and improve 50% of the overall Instagram impressions in three months.

·       Create a strong professional public image on social media that will increase content interaction on media sites by 100+ content interactions each month.

·       Spread awareness about Mariah’s Bridal and what it has to offer by collaborating with local business owners for a bridal convention event.


In less than three months we have seen positive results from this campaign. There has been a tremendous increase in audience activity through the company’s social media sites. On our Instagram page we were able to reach over 917 accounts and our Instagram impressions have increased by 85%. On Facebook we were able to increase engagement activity by 75% and our audience outreach by 52%. We have also noticed a gradual increase in profile visits and website clicks throughout the campaign. At our store front location, we have gained more traction and increased our sales. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we could not implement our bridal convention event this year, however we were able to coordinate with local vendors and plan the event. Mariah’s Bridal is planning on hosting the event early next year and the PR campaign will continue to be used throughout the end of the year in leading up to the event. Overall, The Seams Make Dreams Project has helped increase audience outreach, brand awareness and improved community relationships.


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