Michael Robinson – BYU-Idaho’s High Altitude Research Team

Public Relations



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My main goal in working with the High Altitude Research Team is to help them increase their membership in future semesters. Because of COVID-19 related restrictions, many things cannot be done such as their usual flights and meetings. These ideas are to be used in future semesters, and I hope to implement some of them this one, such as the website creation and social media content creation.

1.     Website Creation

I am creating a website for the High Altitude Research Team. The goal for this website is to show visitors what the team is about by showing what former and current members have to say about it.

It will also be used to help organize their old photos and research in one, easy-to-access place.

2.     Social Media

For their social media, I am coming up with a social media plan that they can use in the future. It consists of content ideas they can use like memes to post, and when they should post photos from their flights.

It also consists of groups to follow and hashtags to use.

3.     PR plan

The PR plan has the goals, objectives, strategies and tactics HART should use on their website and social media.

I also developed surveys to give their former members, their current members and students who are not members, so that they can figure out what people expect from students campus groups and make any necessary changes.

PR Plan

Social Media Plan

Website Plan