Samantha Kathleen Scogin – QPR Gatekeeper Training Report and Outreach Map

Strategical Organization



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QPR Gatekeeper Training is a 1-2-hour program that works to educate community members on the warning signs of a suicide crisis and how to properly respond in that situation. These trainings have been taking place regularly across Idaho this year and over 1,000 people have been trained because of it. At each training, attendees are asked to take a survey before and after the training to get a better understanding of how the trainings are working.

I was asked to analyze the data from these surveys and create a project that would bring QPR trainings to more people across the state of Idaho.

My project consists of three main portions.

1.     I analyzed all of the main data points from all of the surveys and found the three overarching benefits from the QPR trainings. I then compiled all of this data into a report to be given to organizations who are considering using QPR trainings. This report will be used to help future funding and to increase people’s awareness of the benefits of QPR training.

2.     In each survey, attendees were asked if they knew of any organizations that could benefit from QPR training. I itemized and organized these recommendations by service sector. I then gathered points of contact for future outreach.

3.     I made a list of recommendations based on the attendees suggestions that I felt could also benefit from QPR trainings and gathered points of contact for these organizations.