Savannah Perschon – Child and Adolescent Abuse

Comm and Advocacy



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Project Summary:

My senior project will be a research book about child and adolescent abuse.

Included are the four common types of abuse which are physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. Children can experience one or multiple types of abuse and all are serious and punishable by law. Included with each type of abuse is a section about the signs and symptoms that someone may recognize that indicate a child may be being abused. The project will also include parental behavior that shows that they might be abusing a child, how children who are abused and have poor family lives are more likely to be human trafficked, how to avoid abusing a child, when and how to report an abuse, what happens when a party responsible for reporting abuse fails to do so, criminal charges that can come to an abuser if caught, and resources for reporting abuse. These are important to be aware of so that a person knows what to do if they suspect a child is being abused. Children are not always able to help and advocate for themselves, so they need other looking out for them. If we know what to look for and what to say, we could save a child’s life.