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Rebranding Esthetics by Hailie is all about revamping and enhancing an esthetician’s hobby into a successful career. As we prepared for an extensive project, we came together and talked about her goals and dreams for her business, both short term and long term. We started a color scheme that connected with Hailie and her aesthetic and implemented that into her social media and various handouts that she could give to her clients in her office. From content creation to copywriting, I worked alongside Hailie to accomplish her marketing goals and ultimately receive more engagement on her page. As we continue to build her clientele, we are using many different forms of social media tactics to gain trust from her current and prospective clients. I have been preparing different photo and video posts for her page and helping teach her how to manage her social media and turn into another tool for her business. As we are working together and bringing her ideas to life, I am documenting these tactics into a packet so that she can refer to it when she is looking for further inspiration to magnify her social media platforms. We are ultimately shifting her small hobby into an everyday job where she can not only perform her skills, but she can connect with her business and express her love for esthetics through her social media as well as in her office.

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