Eric Uptain – Classic Skating Reimagined





Project Summary

The goal of the reimagined project is to show that the Classic Fun Center can keep up with modern marketing trends while keeping their retro and sporadic style of marketing as simple and understandable as possible.

By digitally reengineering and remastering some of their current media as well as adding some new plans and concepts of modern media showing how appealing the classic fun center can be, we hope that the new branding will showcase a whole new side to the business and drive a new customer base as well as keep the current customer base. We also want to make sure that correct, simple, and relevant information is the main reason for the new media created.






Style Guide



Disco Night poster.png



Jam skate Poster.png



Roll Bounce Poster.png



Buiness card 3d.png



Website 3d.jpg



Face mask 3d.png