Daniel Anderson – Emergency Preparedness for College Students

Strategic Organizational Communication Emergency Preparedness for College Students embodies a website and issue book developed by Daniel Anderson, a communications major emphasizing in Strategic Organizational Communication. The purpose of the project is to help college students learn more about emergency preparedness, bring awareness of the lack of emergency preparedness among college students, discuss the issuesContinue reading “Daniel Anderson – Emergency Preparedness for College Students”

Jayda Abbott – Lily Manor – Redesign and Rebrand

Visual Communication     Project Summary To begin my senior showcase project, I will be creating and modifying a personalized website to showcase Lily Manor’s interior design projects, real estate listings, and customer testimonials. This website will be a landing page for all of Lily Manors clients. To fulfill Lily Manor’s website needs, this websiteContinue reading “Jayda Abbott – Lily Manor – Redesign and Rebrand”

Iris Aguila – Hispanic Recipes for the Everyday Person

Visual Communication     Project Summary With a mother from Peru, a father from El Salvador, a nanny from Colombia, and being raised in Los Angeles County, I have grown up with a variety of different Hispanic cultures and foods that have strongly influenced my taste palette. For my senior project, I have created anContinue reading “Iris Aguila – Hispanic Recipes for the Everyday Person”

Baylee Baker – Off-Track Storage Branding

Public Relations     Project Summary For my senior project I chose to work with the company Off-Track Storage located in Rexburg, Idaho. To start off my project I sat down with the owners Chase and Kami Egbert to assess their needs for the company. With this came three ways to help brand and promoteContinue reading “Baylee Baker – Off-Track Storage Branding”

Stephen Bannister – Three Market Kings – Car Reviews

Advertising     Intro Video Project Summary After about 60 hours of cleaning, freezing, filming, and editing, a new car review of the Toyota Rav4, Ford F-150, and Toyota Camry was born. This project is a passionate one to me because I love talking about cars and knowing what makes them prime for the marketContinue reading “Stephen Bannister – Three Market Kings – Car Reviews”

Preston Boling – Outthinker Strategy Network 2x Plan

Strategical Organization     Project Summary For my Senior Project, I have taken over the Outthinker Strategy Network account at my job at Kinext. I am responsible for doubling their members and revenue for the next year. I plan to do this by critiquing all communication till it is essentially rinse, wash, repeat. Outthinker StrategyContinue reading “Preston Boling – Outthinker Strategy Network 2x Plan”

Madison Boyd – Faces of Mental Health

Visual Communication     Project Summary The idea for this project came three years ago when I was talking to a former roommate about her senior project. At the time, I was not a communication major but, I had the idea to create a social media campaign to talk about mental health. Three years later,Continue reading “Madison Boyd – Faces of Mental Health”

Darius Burke – Substance Use Disorders: Causes, Types, & Treatments

Strategical Communication     Project Summary My senior project is all about increasing the education of substance use disorders (SUDs) of the nearby populace I can reach, and in doing so I will also be raising the awareness of SUDs in my local area. The end goal for my senior project is to provide individualsContinue reading “Darius Burke – Substance Use Disorders: Causes, Types, & Treatments”

Katey Busche – The Sewing Basket

Public Relations     Project Summary Something I’ve learned throughout my college career while studying public relations is that you learn and do a little bit of everything. That is exactly what I ended up doing for this project. I worked for a local fabric and quilting store called The Sewing Basket. I wanted toContinue reading “Katey Busche – The Sewing Basket”