Kyle Dutson – NRGLYFT

Digital and Social Media




Project Summary

I had the opportunity to work with a local company in the Idaho Falls area called NRGLYFT (pronounced energy lift). I got work with them on their social media, mainly focusing on social media design, management and content creation.

NRGLFYT is a very small local company that has been around, but not necessarily in Idaho. They have been around in Northern Utah area, but recently started a smaller branch here in Idaho Falls during the time of COVID-19.

NRGLFTT is a health and wellness that has designed a better alternative than having any type of energy drink, or energy bar. The difference is that NRGLYFT works! A 6-hour energy dark chocolate chew that can help boost your day when needed. It is not only for athletes, but for everyone.

I mainly focus the project on college students because college students need energy, especially when it comes to college courses, and doing all-nighters when it comes to exams, midterms and finals. NRGLYFT is a company that goes by their moto: “Energy, focus, and clarity, the lift you need.”