Brittany Fischer- Britt’s Bloom Designs Branding

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Project Summary

Britt’s Bloom Designs is an embroidery brand on social media. The purpose of this brand is to inspire and inform its followers on how to embroidery and embroidery projects they can do. Embroidery is often thought of as a craft that grandmas do but I aimed to make it a new and fun craft that younger people can do. My primary audience is women, 24-34, who love designing and crafts and are looking for “me” time. I would target people in the United States.

I created an Etsy shop to sell the products I was making. This included sweatshirts and shoes. Etsy is a search engine so figuring out the right keywords to get people to see my products was something I took time to look up. I also looked at what my competitors were doing to be able to incorporate things they were doing well into my strategy.

I created social media for my brand and posted 5 times on Facebook and Instagram. Then I posted on Pinterest 3 times and 1 time a week on Tiktok. I created 2 paid advertisements and ran them for a week. I researched the best uses of the platforms and for my brand I decided that would be the best amount to post. I also looked up the best practices for the different platforms and how to grow on them. Pinterest is a search engine so using keywords was important. On Instagram it is good to use hashtags to get discovered. Facebook is hard to grow on right now because of their algorithm and Tiktok is easy to grow on by using popular sounds where you can be discovered.

My goal was to grow my brand and make people aware of me. To do this I created content that I thought my audience would want to engage with. I looked up my competitors on the platforms and studied how they had branded their accounts. For example, their biography, cover photo, profile picture, and what mediums they used. I also wanted to see which of their posts got the most engagement so I could add that to my social media strategy. I created a logo, cover photo, and bio and branded my social media in a way I thought would appeal to my audience. Through my social media, I hoped to continue growing and inspiring my audience to do what they love.

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