Denise Jacobsen Hansen — Good and Gluten-Free

Public Relations

(Please note that on school records, my name is Denise Jacobsen. That is my legal name, however, my married name is Denise Hansen and that’s the name I have chosen to place on presentations.)

Project Summary:

Communication is all about adapting to your situation – finding the gap in your niche and filling it. I’ve been eating gluten-free for two years and I found the gap in my niche: normal food that’s also gluten-free. My communication senior project was to create my blog, Good and Gluten-Free. This uses my communication skills and expertise to fill the gap in my personal niche.

For my senior project, I designed the entire website and branding, developed all the recipes, wrote blogs with the recipes, and created the Instagram presence. I was able to use my expertise in writing and public relations as well as my graphic design skills. This project gave me the opportunity to write and communicate within my niche.

Below you will see my video explaining my project further and both a link to my blog and instagram as well as screenshots of the analytics of both. 



Good and Gluten-Free Logo:

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Good and Gluten-Free Blog Analytics

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