Alisha Butler – Snake River Paintball

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Project Summary

For my senior project I created a website for a company called Snake River Paintball. I worked closely with my client to understand exactly what she wanted for the site. She wasn’t quite sure about the look she wanted, so I took the lead in creating a brand style. I created almost all of the content for the website, except for a couple of photos my client sent me. I designed a mockup version first using Adobe XD, and then I started developing the website in WordPress using a website builder called Divi. I used CSS to make small changes by placing certain elements exactly the way I wanted. Now that the website is completed we are getting ready to run a social media ad leading people to schedule a paintball session.

This project really helped me further my design and web building skills, which I know will serve me well in future job opportunities.

Snake River Paintball Website 


Brainstorming and planning: 3 hours

Shooting and editing pictures/video: 6 hours

Writing copy: 2 hours

Creating mockup: 15 hours

Developing website: 30 hours

Total hours: 56