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Conflict can be a daily battle. So, let’s not run from it, but learn from it. Principles of leadership, if recalled, implemented, cultivated and shared will give strength and courage to all. I created a consulting website to demonstrate the services that I have to help CEO’s and executives to rein in conflict in the workplace through the services that I provide in organizational development.

Conflict may have a bad ring to it, but let me help you change your mindset and your tactics. Conflict if reigned in can benefit you and those you associate with. Whether it be at home, work, or the community you will want to be able to communicate better with those you associate with.

Feel free to peruse this cite and allow me to navigate you through my personal website Rein In Conflict through this video along with the services we have in store for you.


(Senior Project Encompassed)

Rein In Conflict Services can help you enhance your leadership style, establish leadership habits, enhance your public speaking skills, leverage group dynamics and provide you with workplace training videos. I created all of my icons to represent the services I offer. (Note: all icons and most pictures have links to various parts of my website leading you to further description.)

I have begun to build my website and my credibility through airing a podcast titled Rein In Conflict, wherein I have welcomed in those valuable players, LEADERS (and that includes you). They will have shared with me and the world principles learned and gained as they have reined in conflict. This will help me know how to coach clients into the future as I continue to gain relationships with companies, learn and understand their needs more and identify barriers within their jobs, so that I can specialize in the current needs of the workplace.

I have branded my website Rein In Conflict and Organizational Leadership Consulting company with a logo that I created. The design and content of the website is centered around the same theme. For the time being I wanted to create a functioning website that doesn’t cost for others, nor myself. (Note: nothing on this project cost me a dime, other than my time.) I created my own company email ( to ensure that I could have the URL match Rein In Conflict instead of my name since I have not purchased my own domain yet and Wix site uses your given email to label your URL.

 I wrote and recorded my own soundtrack on my guitar for the podcast. I incorporated my logo onto my podcast cover using my personal footage of the scenery by The Delicate Arch. The programs I used to create the logos and podcast cover was Inkscape and Canva.

I have learned how to use a podcast app called Anchor to record each developing episode. I currently have a trailer up right now introducing the podcast and my website along with a few episodes where I have spoken with managers, small business owners and leaders in companies and how they use leadership principles to Rein In Conflict. Episodes titled, “The Beginnings,” “If Our Behaviors Could Talk,” “Business and Integrity Coincide,” and “Respectful Communication and Humble Listening.”

Leaders were able to connect and book an appointment with me by going to my website, followed by a link that would send them to my calendar along with a survey to become a guest speaker on my podcast Rein In Conflict.



I incorporated the audio trailer into a video trailer with my own footage of Zion’s National Park that encompasses the theme of rein and a western feel. I edited the footage and audio in the program DaVinci Resolve. I uploaded the video and podcast episodes on my website Rein In Conflict and the Anchor app to be distributed among various podcast hosting sites, such as Spotify, and Google podcasts.


I announced every trailer and episode on Facebook and LinkedIn the previous day before the episode would be published along with the current day. Before I kicked off the podcast I reached out to individuals to stir up the conversation about conflict. This excited individuals to follow my podcast before I even published anything. I also asked them how they Rein In Conflict? I spoke more with a few of Rein In Conflicts followers and incorporated a new question of theirs onto the current episode in which I would be speaking with one of our guests.


I have contacted past clients I have coached in public speaking and had them write testimonials for me to use on my website.

“My experience with Ruth was a very welcoming experience. I remember when I was preparing for my presentation for class I was so anxious. I was worried my slides wouldn’t look good and I’d stumble over all my words. Ruth was able to give me some of the best tips for my slides and for my public speaking. I remember feeling so excited and encouraged to do my presentation the next coming class period. I’m extremely glad she was so kind and open when helping me out. Her energy was just what I needed at the time.”

– BrieAnna Lee


I have created an E-book cover on and the layout for the following pages to match my podcast cover to be ready and used when I have written content to share from podcast episodes and additional leadership stories from others and myself. (Note: Content is susceptible to change.)




I look forward to what the future brings and connections I make. (Note: The production of Rein In Conflict was at no cost!)


If you haven’t clicked on the podcast cover yet. Don’t hesitate. Join the fold of leaders on the discussion of Rein In Conflict. Conflict can be a daily battle. So let’s not run from it, but learn from it.

Principles of leadership, if recalled, implemented, cultivated and shared will give strength and courage to all.


Rein In Conflict thanks the Communication Department at BYU-Idaho for all the many leaders within their faculty and students.

Fore more in depth content, be sure to check out Ruth’s consulting website: