Amanda Fenton – A College Guidebook

Public Relations

Project Summary

For my project I’ve created a guidebook on a topic that I’d like to think I’ve mastered—and that is surviving college. As a communications major, the driving force behind this guidebook for me was a content marketing approach. It lends valuable information to my target audience with each written piece providing insight, information, and a story revolving around a specific product or company that I wanted to highlight in efforts to promote them in a non-abrasive way. Think public relations (PR) — this isn’t your typical native advertising approach. 

The key to my content marketing perspective is to prioritize sharing helpful information and relevant tips to my targeted audience rather than trying to drive a hard sale on the product or company that I highlight in any given section of my guidebook. 

The guidebook I’ve created I believe truly serves this content marketing idea. It’s a deliverable—being something beneficial for my target audience to take away.

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