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Choices Public Relations Plan 

Public Relations 

Choices is a recently published book that needed public awareness in many ways. I wrote Choices about my life over the winter, and I have the burning desire that everyone read it and learn from the situations that I have lived.

The PR campaign that I put together is a multi-staged plan that takes more time than just a 3 month period, but what I accomplished in this time was instrumental in reaching the long-term goals one day. The short-term goals span the 6 months to the 1-year range, and the long term is to create a lasting impact on the foster care community forever. 

Through professional releases (press releases, media release, and a potential holding statement) that have been made and are being sent out to local media outlets, an Instagram page that has been created and is gaining a following and has already proven to increase sales, a partnership with an Instagram book blogger, and in communication with multiple others, and many other steps that were taken for future expansion of awareness and outreach this campaign has shown successful.  

Choices Public Relations Campaign

News Release

Press Release

Holding Statement

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