Autumn Miller- Rexburg Photography and Location Collection

Autumn Miller

Visual Communications

This project is all about showing creativity and finding new locations to do photoshoots at in Rexburg, Idaho.

There are lots of photographers in this little town and I wanted to create a tool for other photographers when they are trying to find spots for their photoshoots.

I was able to build my photography portfolio and enhance my Adobe Lightroom skills to make the photo samples look beautiful and appealing.

I worked with many different people within the community of Rexburg. I did lots of networking and asked for volunteers to help me with these photoshoots.

Almost every single photoshoot was stylized. I coordinated the time, place, look, style, outfits, and poses for my models. In return for their volunteer time I gave them edited photos from their shoot.

I spent lots of time exploring Rexburg in search of perfect locations. I also reached out to many people who have lived in Rexburg their whole lives, to find out where they thought would be good photo locations.

I connected with many local photographers and models in Rexburg and built up some great ideas for my photoshoots. In the end I took over 5,000 pictures! I went through each photo session and picked out the best raw files that I got and started editing!

The guide will be an excellent tool for photographers in Rexburg. The location of each photoshoot is listed and includes the address and different ideas of style types of photo sessions that I would recommend for each spot. I also made sure to include a few of the shots that I had personally taken at each location.

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Photography Guide(PDF version):

Rexburg Photography Guide