Kenadee Mildon – Élan & Co.

Project Summary:

I have loved studying communications for a great deal of reasons. I am one who enjoys having a wide range of career options and knowledge. This major has given me just that. I have been able to truly learn where my skill sets are and how I can apply those into the real world.

Élan & Co. is a handcrafted jewelry brand that specializes in polymer clay earrings. This has been a dream of mine to master the art of turning clay into beautiful jewelry designs. I felt this project would be the perfect opportunity to showcase my knowledge from my college experience and set me up for my own business opportunity post-graduation.

I first started off by creating polymer earrings and getting a feel for the process. I then researched what styles and colors other popular brands were using. Next, I developed my own designs and styles that I personally would want to buy.

I used my experience in my Design for Social Media course to create my brand on social media with content, paid ads and posting schedule. I learned a great deal from that course about persona and knowing your audience. Next, my WordPress Practicum experience helped me to create a website with ecommerce capabilities to sell and ship my products as well as taught me about the functioning of the back end of a website. I used skills I learned in my PR writing courses to create newsletters and announcement emails through Creative Mail to send to new customers. I then applied what I had learned from my internship to develop out an influencer program to market my products to more people. It also taught me how to run photo shoots for ecommerce and marketing content and lastly, how to set up and run the shipping process of the products effectively.

What I enjoyed most during this process of creating Élan & Co. was reflecting on the amazing education BYU-I gave me and the opportunity I had for my internship to be able to apply all of this knowledge into something that brings me joy. Every class I have taken has helped me, benefited me and given me the confidence to pursue my dreams with a road map. I am pleased to share with you how I applied my education here at BYU-I with the following examples below.



Influencer Program

Email Campaign

Social Media Strategy

Time Log