Diana Hays – Creating a Brand

Project Summary

For my senior project I wanted to put my design and branding skills to the test with a project I have wanted to do for years! I love to create macrame wall hangings and have even started selling custom pieces. There are a lot of macrame artists who have established their brand primarily on Instagram and then use Etsy or other means of selling their products.

I wanted to take my project down a similar path. One of the biggest challenges of this project was creating the unique branding and message I wanted to convey and then making sure all the elements of my style fell in line with that message. I started out with the name Dye Ana Mac, a name that I came up with a long time ago. However, after receiving feedback and deciding that the name did not convey the message I wanted it to, I changed the name of the business to Monarch Mac.

As I drafted and sketched I developed a specific message and branding revolving around change. Macrame is made from cord that is tied in knots to make beautiful and intricate art. I decided to use that same theme of changing from something plain into something beautiful as the center of my message and branding. My macrame business plan is slightly different than others because I am interested in making custom pieces tailored to individual specifications. Because of this I wanted to make my brand relatable and uplifting to bring in more potential customers who may not have a lot of experience with macrame and make it something they can understand and appreciate.

I made a style guide, social media content (feed, reels, stories), and Etsy shop to showcase the brand and to establish an online presence. I plan to continue to use the infrastructure that I have set up to build this business more in the future.