Nathan Henderson-Scene with the Bean

Name: Nathan Henderson

Project Name: Scene with the Bean

Emphasis: Journalism

Project Description:

My two biggest passions are music and writing. Ever since I was a freshman, I knew that I wanted to incorporate these two passions into whatever my senior project would be. That is where the idea for Scene with the Bean came from.

Scene with the Bean is a rock music news-based website that has been created and curated by me. Every day I search social medial, news websites, and streaming services for the latest in rock music news that I can report and share with fellow music fans.

Before I go any further, I should explain the title of the site. The scene part is in reference to the rock music scene. A lot of times rock music fans just call the genre the scene.

Now the Bean part is well me. I am the Bean. It is a nickname I have had since 5th grade that has followed me wherever I go. No matter how many times I have tried to shake it the name always seems to come back. I decided to embrace the name and use it to help turn my website into a brand.

Scene with the Bean has three major aspects that the website covers, and those are news, reviews, and albums of the week. In the news section I post interesting and relevant news stories about the rock music scene. In the reviews sections I take some of my favorite album releases of the week and give my review on it. And in the album of the week section I write about a different album that I love to help people find new music.

Scene with the Bean also has a social media presence on Instagram and Facebook. Both pages were created and curated by me. On each page two advertisement campaigns were done to boost views and follows on the page. Every time I post a new article to the main website, I will then post the article to both social media pages.

All logos, websites, color schemes, and everything to do with Scene with the Bean has been created by me.

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