Emma Isaac – Nonprofit Media Packages

Emma Isaac 

Project Title: Nonprofit Media Packages

Emphasis: Strategical Organization

Project Summary:

This project consists of media packages for the Snake River Animal Shelter and Community Food Basket Idaho Falls. Each local nonprofit will receive a media package promoting different aspects of the organization.

I contacted and corresponded with each nonprofit about what would be most beneficial to share with listeners about their organization. Community Food Basket Idaho Falls wanted to inform listeners about how they can receive food assistance. Snake River Animal Shelter wanted to help listeners know about their volunteer and internship opportunities. 

The following are the complete media packages for Community Food Basket Idaho Falls (CFBIF) and Snake River Animal Shelter (SRAS):


Each media package included a professionally edited interview with the executive director of the nonprofit. The 8 to 10-minute interview played on BYU-Idaho Radio and was published on SoundCloud. The following are links to the BYU-Idaho Radio SoundCloud with the two interviews. 

Interview (CFBIF)

Interview (SRAS) 

An article was included and published on BYU-Idaho Radio’s website, byui.edu/radio, with a link to the interview. The article included quotes from the interview and informs readers of the content of the interview. The articles are included in the links below. 

Article (CFBIF)

Article (SRAS)

A social media, audio-visual piece promoting the interview was also provided. This highlighted a 60 second clip from the interview, along with a designed social media post to promote the interview and nonprofit.

Social Media Audio Clip (CFBIF) 

Social Media Audio Clip (SRAS)

An infographic about each nonprofit was included. The infographics and all other visual materials were designed with the brand colors and logo in mind.

Infographic (CFBIF)

Infographic (SRAS) 

The purpose of this project was to provide each organization valuable and usable content to promote their nonprofit and inform their demographic about what they provide to the community. The project highlights my knowledge and experience in interviewing and radio, along with my visual media skills, while showing how one piece of information (the interview) can be utilized to create different types of media to display the material (edited interview, article, social media piece, infographic).

All parts of the media package were submitted to the respective nonprofits.