Merritt Jones – Utah Wedding Planner Brand Improvement

Merritt J. Jones professional headshot for Senior Project at BYU-I



Merritt J. Jones professional headshot for Senior Project at BYU-I

Project Summary

Kate Elizabeth Events is a high-end wedding planning business located in Salt Lake City, Utah and has been run by one person the last three years — Kate Jones. Because of this, certain aspects of her business suffered including social media and marketing. As an experienced Content Marketer, this project allowed me to step in and take Kate’s brand to the next level.

This project includes an ebook travel guide Kate can give to clients traveling from other states to Utah to attend weddings. I wrote the ebook, designed each page and had a trusted classmate edit the ebook for corrections. This project also includes a font I created from Kate’s handwriting — A trademarked brand item that Kate can give to clients for free or choose to sell from her website. I created a worksheet Kate could fill out that I then put together using Adobe Illustrator and a font stabilizing program. This font was also made available for Kate’s personal use.

Beyond regularly scheduled social media posts and guidelines, this project also includes management of content creation from interns. I also spent time teaching interns about basic marketing from a social media and content creation side. Included in the content I created personally for Kate’s brand were weekly blog posts educating Kate’s clients — and potential clients — about everything wedding-related. This involved many hours of research, interviews and coordination with Kate. I used my skills in WordPress to format and publish everything on Kate’s website.

Kate’s main goal with her company was to increase the number of bookings for the next year. The project analytics I focused on were website click-throughs and reach. Throughout the last three months, Kate has seen an increase in social media engagement and following. So far, Kate has also booked 15 new weddings for next year through Instagram alone.



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