Isabelle Power- BYU-Idaho Communication Department Internship Website

Hi my name is Isabelle Power. My emphasis is Public Relations and I’m excited to share with you what I did for my Senior Project. 


Project Summary

For my project, I revised and updated the BYU-Idaho Communication Department Internship pages and wrote most of the page details containing information about the COMM 498R (Internship Course) page. I was also able to create a video containing testimonials from BYU-Idaho interns and internship providers sharing their experiences and what opportunities are out there for future interns.

The purpose of this project was to make the internship requirements and other information on the website as clear and concise as possible. We wanted it to be a place where students looking to apply for internships could find all the information they needed, limiting the amount of confusion and questions asked.

The video I created will be required for students to watch before apply for their internship or enrolling in the internship course. This video includes the basics students need to know about the requirements of the internship as well as testimonials to inspire and open each students mind to the options and possibilities of their internships.

Video Explanation


Original Internship Pages: This is what the pages looked like before the start of this project.

Internship Requirements Page:

 Application to Receive Credit Page:

Internship Course Page:


Revised Internship Pages: 

Internship Requirements Page:


Internship Course Page

Application to Receive Credit Page


Internship Video Containing Testimonials: For this part of my project I was able to interview several BYU-Idaho Interns and Internship Providers. Each of them were able to share with me their experiences and the things they learned. They also offered advice to future interns and explaining the options that are out there. 

(The full video is still in the process of being produced and going through approval from the Communication Department Faculty. The video should be posted on the BYU-Idaho Communications Department website soon). 

Here are a few clips from my interviews:

 Interview with Isaac

Interview with Esther

Interview with Sariah

Interview with Kira 

Thank you for taking the time to look through my Senior Project. It was such a fun project to work on and I’m grateful for the opportunity to practice the skills I’ve been working on the past four years.

I want to send a huge thank you to the Communication Department Faculty for all their help in making this project happen. And a special thank you to Professor Susan Walton who oversaw this project and allowed me to spread my wings and get creative.