Jared Rigby- Big Papas Fries Redesign

Big Papas Fries Redesign 

Visual Communication Emphasis


Project Summary

Big Papa’s Fries is a fry truck that was established in the summer of 2017 in preparation for the Solar Eclipse main event that occurred in Rexburg Idaho. It is owned and run by a friend of mine Beau Black, and while the business has been successful, he felt like an update to the design couldn’t hurt. That is where I came in.

For this 50+ hour project, my main goal was to come up with potential new design ideas that could turn into elements that would be used for the business. This has included new logo ideas, a redesign of their menu, and truck decorations to better identify what the food truck is among the many other vendors.

Before I even started with anything visual, I needed to do some research. Thanks to some guidance from my mentors, I was able to learn more about how to redesign/rebrand a business and spent a lot of time reading about the different ways of designing logos and other elements. Then I moved onto sketching and then vectorizing. While the current logo is more than capable of continuing as the logo, the client wanted to see what other options might be available. I have been able to come up with 13 different options for a new logo, based on aspects of the business and its brand. I also created a redesign of the menu, which includes a new style of organization and layout for easy viewing. 

Lastly, I was able to come up with 4 decals that could be used on the trailer. These 4 designs could also be used as a logo if desired, but the main intent was as decals. After creating all these aspects, I pulled them all together into a client presentation and case study. The presentation is meant for the client to see the basic overview of the designs, while the case study goes deeper into my process from start to finish. While very similar in content and design, they each serve their intended purpose. 

This project has allowed me to work on my graphic design skills for a client and provide them with designs that could be implemented into the business. I was able to spend many hours planning and executing the designs, as well as creating the final presentations and case studies. 

Client Presentation

Case Study

Hours Breakdown:
Research: 10hrs
Sketching: 8hrs
Vectorizing Logos: 8hrs
Menu Redesign: 6hrs
Decal Design: 3hrs
Client Presentation: 3.5hrs
Case Study: 4.5hrs
Video: 4hrs
Meetings with client: 4hrs

Total: 51hrs