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Lauren Boix

Become a Master of Toastmasters International 

Strategic Organizational Communication

Through proper techniques and practices, anyone can become a professional public speaker. For my Senior Project, I have planned an open house event and have created a podcast for the public to promote their professional presentation meetings, build their attendance, and expand awareness. This event will be held on June 30th at 7 pm, located on the second-floor of Broulims, in hopes of having anywhere between 20 to 50 people in attendance. This open house is for everyone in Rexburg who is interested in learning more about public speaking.

This event is in an effort to promote a nationally known organization within the community of Rexburg. I know that with proper advertising and community outreach this open house will attract success and higher attendance to those who seek greater confidence and leadership opportunities.

There are eight individuals apart of Toastmasters International that will contribute their opinions and perspectives but I will be in charge of overseeing the creation of the event and advertising. Some of the designated assignments that I have completed include the creation of a social media page, interviewing participants to create a podcast, designing flyers, posters, business cards, and speaking with the community about the event through a PSA and speaking on the BYU-I Radio. The open house will have an introduction welcoming all in attendance, a PowerPoint as to a basic explanation of what Toastmasters International is, a sample speech, an example as to what each of the responsibilities on the team is, and refreshments for those in attendance.

Below is a list of Items I have completed to create a successful open house:

  • Advertise- Fliers/Posters/Thumb Nails for each speaker in the organization/Business Cards
  • Podcast- Interviewing each participant
  • Creation of video or brief introduction as to why participants are involved in Toastmasters
  • Hand out fliers to the community to promote an open house
  • Plan details to promote an open house
  • Creation of PSA for BYU-I Radio
  • Reach out to Professional Presentations Professors and Public Speaking Professors
  • Edit content for presentation including an introductory video and PowerPoint Slide show



Community Outreach Survey

Social Media

Podcast on Spotify

Advertising Material



Future Plans