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Welcome to my podcast! I wanted to find a way share real inspirational stories from real inspirational people. Why? Because I believe that everyone has a story to tell. Stories are real. They are personal. They are powerful. Come listen to some of the inspirational stories I got to hear from people that are making a difference in the world. And hopefully these stories inspire you to keep going, keep being inspired, keep being the best you that you can be.


Episodes Summary

Episode #1 

I and a good friend of mine read the story of someone I know from back in Colorado. The story tells of her journey to find her faith.

Episode #2  – This episode was about raising awareness of Search and Rescue: Africa’s mission to fight human trafficking. They actually reached out to me on Instagram after hearing about the first episode and they were more than happy to share some stories.

Episode #3 – Two social work interns that work here on-campus tell me about a campus wide project they are working on called: “I-Belong, You-Belong, We-Belong—Messages of Hope.” It’s all about mental Mental Health. This one was a fun one for me because I interviewed two professional mental health counselors prior to the episodes recording and got to play some their insights during the episode.

Episode #4 -Such a great way to wrap up the podcast. I interviewed Beth Vanderwalker, the Vice President of Operations at WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions. Beth is heavily involved in the hiring of interns from BYU-Idaho. I also interviewed four of her interns before the episode recording, and we heard pieces of those conversations throughout the show. We not only talked about her company and their internship program, but discussed about general tips for anyone looking to find an internship or job.

Spreading The Word

To get the word out there about the podcast, I created a website that I linked to in the Instagram Page I made as well. I made a post for each episode on the Instagram Page, and posted about them on my LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.

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More Than Just Talking

The podcast was more than just a guest host and I showing up and talking in a mic till our hearts content. With each topic planned, I did an extensive amount of pre-recording work for each episode. 

This included creating an outline and emailing it to the guest host beforehand, researching the topic (especially when it was what the guest host was going to be introducing), coordinating times to meet in the record booth, etc.

I also created a qualtrics survey for Episode #2, and read some of those responses during the episode.

For Episode #4, I interviewed four interns and then edited those conversations and played bits during the episode.