Mckenzie Snow- Book Kenz on Instagram

Digital & Social Media

Project Summary

For my senior project, I created a book-related brand on Instagram called “Book Kenz.” 

From the beginning I created entertaining content for my followers on Instagram that encouraged them to discuss books with me. I organized multiple photoshoots in order to make sure I had plenty of content to share, and I frequently designed interactive graphics for my Instagram stories. I designed a logo for my brand as well as a group of icons for my Instagram story highlight covers. In addition, I implemented TikTok videos to my Instagram feed so that I could follow along with the trending TikTok audios for readers. I wanted to create a platform where people can come to talk about the stories they fall in love with, be encouraged in their passion for reading, see reviews for books they may want to read, and receive recommendations of new books to read. That’s why I also created a book club on my page where we chose a book to read together for the month of May, discussed it, and had a zoom meeting to talk about it when we were done. 

I implemented specific posting plans, found the best hashtags to attach to my posts, wrote captions that asked questions, shared interactive story polls, and posted fun TikTok videos in order to further my reach and grow my engagement. I also chose to promote one of my posts and watched as my account reached more people.