Santiago Barriga – Breaking Some Eggs Podcast

Public Relations

Project Summary

I hosted and produced a podcast that speaks on our society and culture today and how it has affected us through entertainment over the years. In these times, we are at odds with one another, but by sharing our perspectives in a neutral setting, we may all find common ground and, in the end, discover mutuality among friends.

This podcast targets Gen-Z and millennial audiences to attract the listener to a podcast that shows how to talk about news and culture today. The podcast consists of three millennials from different suburbs of the United States, including Cincinnati, Ohio, Redwood City, California, and Chicago, Illinois. We discuss our personal experiences and philosophies with a bit of comedy on the side and invite guests to speak on topics that otherwise would leave us sharing our opinions. Exchanging our world views will give the audience a more in-depth understanding of how to come together and talk about often sore subjects.

I have made an episodic-type podcast to show work ethic and time consumption. The time limit for each episode will be about 35 to 45 minutes in length. Each podcast episode will take an hour to record, and editing will range from 4 to 6 hours.

I made a plan for each episode and sent it out to each person hosting the podcast and the guest (if there was one) for the day. In addition, I make sure that we share some news at the beginning of each episode so that we can move on to a more in-depth discussion afterward.