Faith Bellum – FaithMadeArt

FaithMadeArt is an Instagram page dedicated to my personal artwork and prints. This project is intended to showcase this page through creation of content and consistent interaction with the Instagram page. One of the most challenging aspects of online content creation is mastering the skill of delivering what the audience wants. FaithMadeArt is aimed to produce valuable content that the audience seeks.

The goals for this project include reaching 2,000 Instagram followers, receiving a minimum of two comments on each post, receiving a minimum of 70 likes on each post, and selling ten pieces of art.

The 50 hours to complete this project resulted in 18 photo posts, three video posts, three carousel posts, six stories, one reel video, one advertisement, and one giveaway. Every piece of content produced targeted FaithMadeArt’s intended audience, as defined by Instagram analytics:

  • Age 13-17
  • Female
  • Located in Arizona, Idaho, Utah and Colorado

If there is one thing I love most about studying communications, it is being stretched to try new things! The world of public relations is living, constantly changing, and adapting. This project kept me on my feet as I assessed results and adjusted plans accordingly.

For example, as I began posting more and more content, I was simultaneously gaining and losing followers. This can be attributed to many things, but I feel that it was a signal of my audience becoming more defined by the ones who did and did not fit the content I was creating. It also allowed me to assess which content types best captivated my audience.

I have learned the value of few, loyal followers to a page. Throughout this project, I focused on interacting with my top followers to show my gratitude to them. I believe this will encourage them continually interact with my content.

Going forward, I plan to continue adapting to the world of social media marketing and pursue this passion project I have grown to love.

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