Shelby Smith – The Perfect NFL Team

Digital and Social Media

Project Summary:

The Perfect NFL Team is an analysis of NFL players from the 2020 season to create the ‘perfect team’. As I analyzed each player and their stats, I used the quantify and compare method to choose the top players from each position. After I used this method, I grabbed the top players in each position and put them together to create the ‘perfect team’.

To analyze the stats of each player, I looked on for the players of each team and their statistics. I then split up each player into the position they are in. After splitting the players into positions, I was able to put them in the quantify and compare equation. The quantify and compare equation then helped me choose the top football players.  

After the analysis of the players, I designed a presentation of the “perfect” team through PowerPoint. Finally, I designed a case study on the project of my success and failures.

This project joins three of my passions. The first is my love of the NFL, second, my love of design, and finally my love of analytics. The point of this project is to show my analysis skills as well as my design skills to anyone who may see this.